Monday, March 22, 2010

The Biggest Loser

You know who the biggest loser is tonight?

Blanche Lincoln

Remember, she still has to decide whether to vote for or against the health care bill reconcilliation fix. And if her primary opponent, Bill Halter, has advisors worth a damn either decision will come back to haunt her either as a politically hungry flip flopper or a corporatist Democrat out of touch with her constituents.

Just sayin


  1. Blanche Lincoln has NOTHING on Artur Davis from my state of Alabama. He represents the poorest district in the state. But because he's running for Governor,he thought he could vote NO,keep his supporters and pick up some white votes(in Alabama). Michael Steele has a better chance of becoming President of the NAACP before white people in THIS state vote for him.He has ruined his career.

  2. Does Davis have a primary challenger because I would love to send a donation. And the people in his district deserve better as well.

  3. He doesn't have one yet but I believe he will have one by the end of the day.Will keep you posted.


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