Sunday, March 7, 2010

Department Of Corrections

It seems in my righteous outrage today I made a mistake. The footage of George Stephanopoulus interviewing Sec Sebelius and Bart Stupak was from "Good Morning America", not "This Week". Further it seems the interview took place BEFORE the fact check on "ABC Nightly News". It seems that George MIGHT and I emphasize MIGHT have been in the dark about Stupak's claim at the time it was made.

I hold journalists to a pretty high standard and its only fair that I hold myself to the same. I was wrong this time plain and simple. My apologies.


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  1. "..its only fair that I hold myself to the same."

    Oh, pshaw! You're not just a *shudder* "blogger", you're that most despised of creatures, a Dirty Fucking Hippy Blogger. It is widely known that such as you have no standards, so I see no reason why you should not cheerfully lay about you freely with the Cattle Prod of Righteousness without concernas to whether you're being a bit hypocritical. At least until you have kids,anyway.
    In all seriousness, it's a good thing to stand by your standards, but don't worry too much about scrupulous "fairness". As the Great Philosopher Moe once pointed out to his acolyte Larry, he might not have been guilty of what he was whacked for, but he was deifinitely guilty of something. Stephanopolous has so many such sins of omission and commission to his credit that he deserves it. I'm sure some of your readers will let you know if you're approaching the "reality=ideology-approved" line.


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