Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rachel Maddow Answers Her Own Question

Rachel Maddow had a really great segment on President Obama's rollout of some of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act which are going to effect today, last night. I'll let you watch it first and then make my comment aftewards.

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That really was a great segment but here's what I take issue with. Rachel seems perplexed as to why Democrats haven't been running on health care reform till now. Now aside from the fact that its actually perfect timing since some of the provisions come online right before the midterm elections, there is another very obvious answer as to why they haven't and Rachel herself answered her own question in the very next clip.

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Saying that health care reform "makes health care suck a little less" and to keep pressing the point is EXACTLY why Democrats haven't been running on the issue along with the fact that many of them are spineless. But when your supposed allies who have microphones and ink don't really have your back about the legislation how are you supposed to run on it to a skeptical crowd??

Don't get me wrong, its not Rachel's "job" to promote the ACA, but at the same time if she is going to continue to make it seem inconsequential or worse then she shouldn't be surprised that Democrats aren't taking "victory laps" etc. Its because the people who could help turn around the national perception of health care reform for the better are still crying about the things we didn't get in the bill instead of constantly pointing out the things we did get in there.

Its really as simple as that.

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