Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And Right On Cue...

..here's Peter Orszag moving the middle to the right yet again. I know he no longer works for the Obama administration but here's my prediction. The media will give him MORE credibility now that he is both a) out of the administration and b) is going against the administration.

So even though most credible economists think we should discontinue ALL of the Bush tax cuts, not even keeping the ones for the middle class, Orszag wants us to continue them ALL for another two years. So now instead of the administration arguing for discontinuing all of them or at least the ones for the upper 1% of the nation, and then negotiating from there with Republicans who argue for keeping them permanently, now the argument will quickly go to whether to extend ALL of them for another 2 years or permanently.

Listen, I don't know if the administration put Orszag up to this or not but either way you can bank on the conversation going that way. And if they are smart and they DIDN'T put him up to it they will smack that shit down like Mutumbo. If they handle it with kid gloves...well then you have your answer.

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