Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today Should Be National Talk To Your Friends And Family About Health Care Reform Day!

I think one of the reasons people are down on the Affordable Care Act other than the actual demonization that took place, is that they don't think anything happens for them until 2014 and in that case there's a chance that by then it will have been repealed or defunded if the GOP has its way and takes back over Congress. But there ARE ways that the ACA helps people starting today (well actually starting back in July) that you can work into a conversation.

If you have a skeptical family member who has kids remind them that now as of today their children can not be denied coverage for preexisting conditions. If you know of a friend with a child close to graduating college remind them that now their son or daughter can stay on their health care until the age of 26.

If you have an adult friend who has been looking for health insurance for more than six months but nobody will offer them a policy tell them about the high risk pools that have been set up since July. If you don't want to be so direct then just post this video to your facebook page or link it on your twitter and send it out. And maybe just maybe the more people hear about it the more they will understand what is in there for them.

If you know any older people on Medicare ask them about the donut hole and if they have gotten their $250 check this year to help cover up for the flaw that the Republicans instituted when THEY had the Congress and the presidency.

And as that word spreads around its very likely people will start to actually change their perceptions of health care reform. And once that happens the national mood could turn quick on those (Republicans) who would repeal so many good to great provisions.

It doesn't make any sense for Democrats to not be able to run on such a historic accomplishment as the ACA and we the rank and file have to be the ones to help carry the message out to the masses! This legislation is already LITERALLY saving lives. But it doesn't matter if people don't realize that!

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