Thursday, September 30, 2010


Addressing what appears to be a political stalemate over the nomination of Jacob Lew to the post, Gibbs offered unusually blunt criticism of a congressional Democrat.

"The budget-planning process is underway," Gibbs said. "And should be underway with a director with the type of bipartisan support that Jack has gotten through two committees. I think it is a sad day when somebody is held up with such bipartisan support with the type of experience that's necessary in an environment where we have to improve our fiscal picture that that person is held up for something that is completely unrelated to them. I think it is sad and I think it's outrageous."

"The president -- well, Secretary Salazar met with Senator Landrieu to update her on where we are with the situation," Gibbs added. "They have met in the last couple of days to get an update on where we are. We are not bargaining the safety of oil drilling away for an appointment that shouldn't be the cause of the type of gridlock that we are used to seeing in Washington. And I would think people who are concerned about our fiscal picture, who are concerned about where we are heading in the deficit, at the time of crisis would not do the type of things that Senator Landrieu is doing."


If there is one thing that has pissed off progressives like me, it isn't the so called "hippie punching" by the Obama administration, but rather the kid gloves they have been treating the ConservaDems in their own party with even though they keep giving them their ass to kiss. On every major piece of legislation some ConservaDem like Mary Landrieu has held up the process only to make it worse and more corporate friendly. Now this dumbass is holding up the OMB nomination because she is that beholden to the drill baby drill crowd.

I really hope this isn't a one off and that the White House has finally realized that letting people in your own party get away with this kind of shit doesn't help at all, especially with the base of the party. As much as I like to hear President Obama call out John Boehner, I would much rather hear him call out Evan Bayh or Joe LIEberman.

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