Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Charlie Crist's Wink And Nod Campaign

This is a very important post about how Charlie Crist is getting help from some Democrats to try to cover up for his hard right Republican past in return for some political favors. It also points out that the national Democratic Party isn't doing a got damn thing to help win this seat by backing the only actual Democrat in the fucking race.

Here's my thing, every single Democrat in the state of Florida that backs Crist will no longer get any support from me whatsoever. I don't give a damn if its a race for dog catcher I will help elect whomever runs against them no matter what party they belong to. This kind of disloyal bullshit is exactly why we are behind in a race we could be easily winning. Stupid fucks are going to end up giving the race to either one of the two Republicans running and then bitch and moan later on when nothing can pass in the Senate because they keep joining filibusters.

Its a got damn disgrace is what it is.

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