Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Destroying The Excuses Of Bigots

Rachel Maddow completely abolished the excuses GOP Senators plus Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor used yesterday to justify not voting for cloture on a Defense Authorization bill that included amendments both for comprehensive immigration reform and moving forward with the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

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One of the major things that I learned from watching this last night is that the language in the bill didnt even repeal DADT. Instead it just authorized the military to do so when after the report comes out in December and if they feel comfortable with it. Now I follow politics intensely obviously so if I didn't realize that, I'm 100% sure average people who don't really follow politics too much didn't either.

Now that points to a definite messaging fail for the Dems yet again but so be it. Bigger than that at some point we have to call people like Blanche Lincoln out for the same bigotry we call out Republicans on. Im damned tired of headlines about Republicans blocking legislation without pointing out there are some obstructionist paid of Democrats who are doing the same thing. They are getting a free pass and nothing has influenced any of the ConservaDems to get in line with the caucus. That's bullshit and its way past time for the caucus to shun them and put them on the outside looking in if they want to keep pulling this kind of crap.

Blanche Lincoln is going down in flames as she was always going to. Anybody who thought a Democrat, any Democrat, was going to win in friggin Arkansas in this cycle was snorting something. The left and unions spent over $10 million dollars in a primary against her for a seat we weren't going to win either way while Kendrick Meek, a true progressive, is down here struggling to get ads up on TV and radio even though he is clearly the best candidate AND Florida went blue in 08. But Lincoln keeps getting passes and I continue to see liberals and progressives refusing to support Meek because....well shit I have yet to hear a legit reason why they aren't sending him money. I guess maybe they figure Charlie Crist would be ok even though he is even further to the right obviously than Lincoln.

I'm sick and tired of this. We are going to have to smarten up and start realizing that we are doing it wrong. Right now Blanche Lincoln rather than the GOP should be catching the full brunt of hell from every liberal and progressive out there. Her fellow colleagues should be forced to shun her or be associated with her bigotry. They should all have to answer questions every day about why she continues to have a gavel when she doesn't support Democrat ideals and policy platforms. Make it uncomfortable not just for her but for the people that support her.

Blanche Lincoln doesn't have one good reason for opposing cloture yesterday yet she did it Im sure because she knew she would largely get a pass. I wonder how she would have voted if the headlines today were all about her instead of about her Republican cohorts. There is one way to find out...

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