Friday, August 27, 2010

Where's The Apology Fat Ass?

Chubby Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey and the latest GOP "golden boy" came out and blasted the Obama administration this week because his state lost out on "Race to the Top" money in the hundreds of million for education all because of a clerical error.

Turns out
it was actually all Christie's education commissioner's fault.

It also turns out he was caught on tape screwing it up.

So now Christie has fired him (the guy, who is a Republican, wanted to be fired rather than resign so he could get unemployment, go figure)to show he's "accountable".

Well if he was really accountable he would go on TV and apologize to the Obama administration.

I won't hold my breath though...

A clerical mistake in the state’s grant application had led the state to come up short by just three points in the high-stakes competition, known as Race to the Top. Mr. Christie had defended his administration’s actions on Wednesday, in part by insisting that Mr. Schundler had provided the correct information to federal reviewers in an interview two weeks ago.

But federal officials released a video on Thursday showing that Mr. Schundler and his administration had not provided the information when asked. Mr. Christie, asked later Thursday about the videotape in a radio interview, said he would be seriously disappointed if it turned out he had been misled.

That same evening, the governor’s chief of staff, Richard H. Bagger, called Mr. Schundler to ask for his resignation, Mr. Schundler said in an interview.

Mr. Schundler said he told Mr. Bagger that he was willing to resign. “I said I know that I serve at the will of the governor, so if he would like me to leave I would leave,” he said.

But on Friday morning, Mr. Schundler said, he asked Mr. Bagger if he could instead be fired, citing his need for the unemployment benefits.

What an asshole.

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