Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shoutout To My Hometown For Rejecting Race Baiting

This story put a HUGE smile on my face.

Memphis, TN (WMC-TV) - Congressman Steve Cohen has a huge lead over former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton in the race for Tennessee's 9th district congressional seat, according to a new poll by Yacoubian Research, co-sponsored by Action News 5.

In the poll 65% of likely voters said they will vote for Cohen, only 15% said they would vote for Herenton, and 20% said they were undecided.

The poll (click here to download and read) comes less than three weeks away from the August primary.

"Steven Cohen is easily going to win that race," Berje Yacoubian, head of Yacoubian Research said. "It is not even a contest."

Yacoubian says Cohen's large lead over Herenton is astonishing.

"I am surprised Herenton has been so ineffective at mobilizing the African American vote," he said.

Mayor Herenten is a guy I used to look up to. I was a kid but I distinctly remember the night he was elected. We were all so elated to have elected our first black mayor and for quite a while he made us all proud.

But later in his career it was apparent that it became more about him than about the people of Memphis. And this race against Cohen pretty much was the culmination of his long road down. Still I would have at least considered supporting the guy had he actually run a real campaign. He does have plenty of accomplishments he could have pointed to and the guy does have a PHD. But instead he focused almost solely on one thing, his skin color.

If we are going to say its unacceptable for white people to do it then its for damn sure out of bounds for us to do it as well. And the moment he decided to go that route I have been totally against his candidacy. I was worried for awhile though that playing on race might influence the voters in Memphis but my hometown has shown so far that they aren't buying his BS either. And I hope in the end the final vote tally is as embarrassing for Herenton as his campaign has been for all Memphians.

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