Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Anti Professional Left, Left

For all liberals and progressives out there who actually can read and saw that Robert Gibbs made a distinction between who he was talking about on the left and who he wasn't. And for all liberals and progressives who aren't friends with the cretins in the professional left that Robert Gibbs WAS talking about or at least may be friends with them but still aren't afraid to tell the truth. Here is a nice resource detailing all of President Obama's accomplishments since taking office last year.

It can be a useful took when trying to persuade people to get out and vote this year. When they aren't sure why they should be motivated to participate in the midterms you can present over 100 reasons why. The Republicans are already fielding whack job candidates but we need to have something to stand on too to get people motivated. Just GOP bashing is not going to get things done.

On a side note Olberman and Maddow have of course taken Gibbs' comments personally and the last two days have gone out of their way to be assholes.

I haven't watched Olbermann regularly in over a year but every once in awhile I will watch. I am a regular watcher of Rachel Maddow's show and have been since before the election. But here's my guarantee. If both of them keep up the Obama bashing they won't have to worry about me complaining because they simply won't exist to me anymore. I don't know who they think they will draw from as an audience but right wingers aren't going to watch them if their lives depended on it. And the truth is, as repeated polling shows, most liberals and progressives are not anti Obama.

Now I know its a hallmark of the professional left to display a disproportionate amount of poutrage whenever someone insults them but my advice would be to get over it. Better yet to take it to heart and take a long look in the mirror. But embracing the role of bashing Obama? Yeah, see how much job security you have when your ratings plummet. It is what it is.

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