Friday, August 20, 2010

All He Does Is Win

Eugene Robinson points out that President Obama has wracked up a string of victories recently (even though nobody has seemed to notice. Just wanted to excerpt this one part.

It's hard to remember that the inauguration was just 19 months ago. Expectations of the new president were absurdly high. If Obama had done back flips across the Potomac River, when he reached the other side he'd have faced probing questions about why it was taking him so long to cure cancer, solve the Arab-Israeli conflict and usher in an age of universal peace and prosperity.

Looks like he's hard at work at that Arab-Israeli thing as well.

Wonder how many people will notice though.


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  1. This post inspired me to put down my own thoughts on the matter:

    Shorter version: I don't think people don't notice what is happening, so much as are fixated on how much remains unsolved.


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