Friday, August 20, 2010

It All Sounds So Familiar

Two things came across to me in watching this back and forth between KO and Howard Dean. First Howard Dean's arguments for why they should move the Park 51 project in an effort to "compromise" echoed almost exactly the arguments you hear for why gays should accept civil unions instead of actual marriage or why DADT shouldn't be repealed. In short he never really comes up with a good reason for the people behind the project to accept such a "compromise" other than the fact that other people are upset about it.

One has to wonder how many "compromises" minorities and women would have taken over the years had Dean been in charge. I mean plenty of people were upset about the Civil Rights Act and it even split up a political party. Guess maybe Dean would have said instead of the right to vote we could have "compromised" and just uped it from the slavery days of 3/5ths of a vote to 4/5ths.


The second thing is maybe the more stunning revelation for a guy like Dean. After all wasn't it Howard Dean who kept slamming President Obama for continually reaching out his hands to Republicans on the health care bill only to be rebuffed? Now Dean is imagining some sane people opposed to Park 51 who would actually have enough power to negotiate on that side of argument's behalf? Really? Notice that when Keith keeps pressing him on exactly who that is Dean just keeps running from the question. Its because there ISN'T anybody that fits that description. And Dean is quoting from a flawed poll to justify all this bullshit.

Maybe it's just me but I think that interview may have been the end of folks seeing Howard Dean as some kind of progressive lion. You half ass expect this kind of mindless pandering from Harry Reid who is scared shitless of getting booted out of the Senate. But Dean literally had nothing to win with his stance and took it anyway.

Welp, more power to you on that one. And happy trails.

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