Thursday, August 12, 2010

Florida Senate Polling

I really like reading John Cole's blog "Balloon-Juice". He allows a lot of divergent views and its not all left and certainly not all right but mostly about what is right either way. But yesterday he said this and it pissed me off to no end.

I’m pulling for Crist because Meek doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell and Rubio is insane and ignorant.

I keep hearing people who are either Democrats or independents that lean Democrat saying they are supporting Charlie Crist because they don't think Meek has a chance seemingly not realizing that its specifically because of THEIR support that Crist has a lead over Meek in the first place. Logically if all the Democrats in Florida support Meek there is no way Crist or Marco Rubio can win splitting the Republicans and scrambling for independents. Florida did go for President Obama after all.

But right now there is no tangible way to prove this so nobody really believes it. So you keep having these folks who don't seem to get that Crist IS A REPUBLICAN saying dumb shit like it would be ok to get him elected. Howard Dean of all people deemed a Crist victory a win for Democrats.

Really Howard?

The BEST Democrats could hope for if Crist wins is that he would be another Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson. That's not a win, that's a loss! But more than likely he's going to caucus with Republicans one he gets in, especially if the GOP gains a lot of seats in the Senate. And then guess what, it won't matter how right wing he is or not, he's going to vote Republican because that's what THEIR caucus does.

So here's what I am hoping somebody will do soon. I'm hoping somebody will do side by side polling. I'm hoping they will ask Floridians if they only could pick between Meek and Crist who they would pick. Or if they could only pick between Meek and Rubio. They can poll Crist and Rubio as well. And break the polling down by party affiliation.

What would be the reasoning?

Because if Democrats and left leaning independents see that if they shifted their support to Meek he would win I really believe most of them would. But right now the narrative is and has been that he has no chance because all of the polling is focused on the three way race and very few break down the numbers by party affiliation.

What Democrats in Florida need most right now is a sign that Meek is a viable candidate and he is. But there's no way to prove that without the numbers to back it up.

Just throwing it out there...

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