Friday, February 6, 2009

Coburn Says Fuck Government Employees

Republican Senator Tom Coburn said something today on MSNBC so ridiculous and so stunning today that it should be spread around to each and every liberal and progressive blogs to highlight just how ignorant and elitist this son of a bitch is. He says with a straight face that government jobs are not stimultive because and I quote "they don't create wealth". Take a look:

Notice that when specifically asked he asserts that doctors that work for the government and military jobs don't count either because they don't ..........."create wealth". Does this fool not realize that those doctors and military officials get paid and put their money in banks and invest their money in retirement funds just like everybody else? Seriously where do they get these dumbasses from?

Now if its a doctor in the private sector like Tom Coburn I would bet he believes their jobs matter because they get rich on the backs of their patients and insurance. But a person working for the government making a reasonable salary is shit to people like Coburn because they don't make enough money I suppose. Just remember this shit 2 years from now when the Republicans are labeling the Democrats they run against as elitists. He and his people need to pay a price for this kind of rhetoric.

(h/t for the video C N L)

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  1. See, this attitude...I just don't know what to say. This is the sort of attitude that drives patients out of insane asylums to start revolutions and behead kings.


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