Thursday, February 26, 2009

Republicans LOVE Earmarks

The GOP, with the help of some sorry assed lazy journalists, is now trying to sell the omninbus spending bill which passed the House yesterday as a porkladen spending bill full of earmarks. But you see there is an interesting fact about that omnibus bill, the Republicans contributed 40% of the earmarks. When you think about it thats almost precisely their ration in both the House and the Senate. Its also of note that all of the earmarks combined make up only about 1% of the whole bill. Another little fact that you won't hear much is that 153 Republicans members of the House that voted against President Obama's stimulus bill, voted FOR the omnibus bill. Let that sink in for a minute. The House Republicans who claimed they were voting against the stimulus bill meant to get our economy going because of "fiscal responsiblity", just voted en masse to vote FOR a bill that they claim is full of pork and earmarks. Hypocrisy is too nice a word for these idiots.

As an aside, this particular jackass in the media decided to link to this other particular dickhead's story purporting that President Obama had an earmark in the omnibus bill. There is only one eensy weensie wittle problem. Its simply not true. President Obama was just a co sponsor of a bill included in the omnibus bill which did not direct money to his home state of Illinois but to Indian lands inside the US for vocational education. But hey why use facts when it is so much more fun to just make up shit, right?


  1. The earmark debate was bullshit when McCain went all in on it in October and it's bullshit now. I gotta say though, you guys are brutal over there in the Swamp. They should change the name to Fight Club.

  2. Yeah it gets crazy over there but for good reason. And believe it or not a few of the Time journos have changed their bad habits after we kicked them in the teeth a time or two. Joe Klein has made the most noticeable shift but he is still an insufferable asshole.

  3. Well your penchant for calling him Joke Line, while effin' hilarious, has got to hurt the man's feelings. That said, he is insufferable, and JNS, who I used to be on the fence about, has officially pushed me to the other side with her last few posts. I'll leave Michael Scherer out of this for now.

    What kind of world do we live in when TIME Magazine won't bother fact checking?


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