Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Is The Media Covering CPAC?

I want to know why it is that when MoveOn or DailyKos has an event the media tries to marginalize them. But when you have hate filled speeches and misinformation disemenated at CPAC it's seen as newsworthy. I have watched MSNBC all this morning and have yet to report about the guy at CPAC who inferred that President Obama is a communist and wasn't born in this country nor have I seen any report about John Bolton joking about a nuke going off in Chicago. But yet about every 15 minutes they bring up CPAC as if its some kind of legitimate high brow get together. Just check out the clown that is Joe The Plumber at CPAC talking about shooting people for criticising the troops. Notice the veiled threat at members of Congress for doing their damn job. Liberal media bias my ass!

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  1. It is quite amazing, isn't it. Not surprising, but amazing.

    Thanks for watching cable teevee so I don't have to.


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