Monday, February 23, 2009

Scarborough Unintentionally PWNS House Republicans

That's what happens when you bring a fact checker on your show and you are used to repeating Republican talking points. Politifact's Bill Adair was more than happy to set the record straight for the whole cast of Morning Joe about the Republican bullshit talking point about the "Pelosi field mice" provision that was supposedly in the stimulus bill. To prove that it was true Scar had a video of Republican Mike Pence making the claim on a cable news show. If you want to hear something funny just fast forward to 4:00 when Adair announces that its false. You can hear those idiots gasping and Mika screaming "WHAT?!".

But it gets better because Scarborough goes on to give a long ass convoluted story from one of his "inside sources" about how it was really true but the Democrats just used a good cover specifically for Pelosi. It looked like it hurt his heart when Adair told him he was wrong again. Notice the music started play AS SOON as Adair shot him down the second time. I have a feeling we won't be seeing Bill Adair on Morning Joe again for quite awhile.

P.S. How stupid does Mika sound at the end still saying that the provision shouldn't be in the bill? I am now convinced that she HAD to be adopted.

(h/t Benen)


  1. Does Mika not understand that wetland restoration is a labor intensive activity that employes people and, thereby, stimulates the economy?

    Of course not. More than two dots to connect.


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