Monday, February 23, 2009

King Shuster

Thanks to David Shuster I might actually be able to stop watching Tweety everyday which is great news. When it comes to the past and historical context Tweety is pretty good, but when it comes to current events not so much and today was worse than usual. But I continue to watch him on the off chance he will have another Kevin James or Michele Bachmann moment. But now Shuster is PWNING biotches on a daily basis and he does so with a much greater grasp of what's going on in the here and now.

Witness Shuster smacking around Congressman Issa earlier today when Issa tried to bring out that debunked "Harry Reids's Train to Disneyworld" cannard. If I would have been Issa's corner man I would have threw in the towel. You can watch the whole thing but if you want to just go to the fireworks they start at around the 4:35 mark.

Now to add insult into injurt Shuster even tweeted about the incident with Issa.

Darryl Issa tried that silly talking point about a stimulus train from LA to Las Vegas. Bit mistake to try false claims on our show.

Shorter David Shuster:

Don't bring that weak shit up in here dawg!

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  1. Yo, did Bobby Jindal just drop this same load of bullshit during the Republican Response to the President's speech?


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