Saturday, January 23, 2010

"No Bed Wetting"

David Plouffe has penned an op-ed to be run tomorrow in the Washington Post, giving great direction to Democrats on how they should handle governing and compaigning until the midterm elections in November. I have a somewhat radical proposition. Why not make Plouffe the DNC chairman? I think I am going to spread this around....

Here was the most salient part of his advice in my honest opinion.

-- No bed-wetting. This will be a tough election for our party and for many Republican incumbents as well. Instead of fearing what may happen, let's prove that we have more than just the brains to govern -- that we have the guts to govern. Let's fight like hell, not because we want to preserve our status, but because we sincerely believe too many everyday Americans will continue to lose if Republicans and special interests win.

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