Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We now have an, albeit begrudgingly, admission from a mainstream media source that "the Village" exists..

I read the bloggers and, while I admire their energy and commitment, I often find their near-hysteria off-putting. When they write about the Villagers, I detect, if not jealousy, then smugness, as if they believe they could do a better job than the journalists who take home the big bucks. As someone who grew up reading great political reporting, even the kind that produced the classic campaign books of previous years, I wish that all those who scoff about insular and un-self-critical Villagers would be proven wrong. It is too bad that Heilemann and Halperin have proved them, by and large, right.

That might be the only worthwhile thing that comes out of "Game Change", people will see the Villagers for the trivial self important ass coverers that they really are.

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