Monday, January 25, 2010

Florida Senatorial Candidate Kendrick Meek Leads Efforts For Haiti

Congressman Kendrick Meek was on Hardball after the devastating earthquake in Haiti to talk about what our response should be and to respond to Pat Robertson's vile and insensitive commentary.

Not content to just sit in Washington and work the phones, Congressman Meek actually went to Haiti himself to check on relief efforts and managed to catch this touching footage of a little girl being rescued by Miami Dade firefighters after 5 days stuck under the rubble and reunited with her father.

Florida is a very diverse state and we have a significant Haitian population here so the question I have is where has Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio been since this tragedy happened? We know may far right Republicans and conservatives like Rush Limbaugh et al don't seem to have any interest in showing concern for the Haitian people and I think you have to ask yourself if Crist and Rubio have stayed silent to appease their right wing base. Senators from the state of Florida are supposed to support and represent ALL of their constituents, not just the ones that vote for them in a primary. The contrast between their silence and Congressman Meek's hands on approach is stark, and shouldn't be forgotten come November...

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  1. "ask yourself if Crist and Rubio have stayed silent to appease their right wing base."

    Absolutely. Charlie probably actually cares and would like to do something but won't because he would be further ripped. Rubio, who knows if he cares one way or the other about Haitians, but he too will not do anything to alienate the wingnuts in Florida. After all, when a right-winger like Jim Greer is runnoft, except for Charlie and he can't or won't admit it now, the moderate Republican in the state of Florida is extinct. Why? Because they are being liquidated by their own party.


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