Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fuck It, I Give Up

Liberals and progressives are in full freakout over news that President Obama is proposing a 3 year targeted spending freeze to help deficit reduction during the SOTU tomorrow. Nobody seems to give a shit that a second stimulus and health care are both exempted. They also don't seem to give a shit that what is proposed to be cut is wasteful spending while underresourced progressive programs are to have increases. And nobody seems to give a shit that the alternative is to raise taxes on everybody.

Nope, instead heads are exploding over a Democratic President who is actually trying to have some fucking budget discipline and actually get us back on track as a country.

I have had plenty of gripes about President Obama, primarily his handling of health care reform, but when I see the left attacking him damn near more forcefully than the right even on issues when he is more right than wrong, its apparent to me that I am in bizarro world where we obviously want Republicans to run the country in perpetuity.

Fuck it, im done.


  1. Hang in there. While i thought things would be better than this a year into this administration, it's still not as bad as it was under Bush-Cheney.

    Think the immediate negative reaction of liberals/progressives to the proposed spending freeze is that the timing of it makes it seem to be just a weak rope-a-dope counter-punch to the almost unthinkable: Democrats losing Ted Kennedy's Senate seat on Obama's watch. Then Obama saying don't vote on HCR until the next sh!t for brains enemy Senator takes office. Of course, the loss of that seat to the militia doesn't make much difference now because the congressional Democrats still have no backbone - just as it was with the exception of only a few during Bush-Cheney. Even if he gets the freeze, the MSM will give the Republicans credit for making him do it in the first place.

    That relates back to his immediate get out of jail free card to Bush Cheney and apparatchiks with regard to all of the bad acts that they orchestrated. Just as soon as Obama did that the Republican bullies, cowards and draft-dodgers know they had a weak one then.

    It was unrealistic to think that two congressional victories and one presidential victory was going to change the Democrats inside the Beltway. It was more realistic to think that Obama was going to be a centrist but not someone who wasted a year kissing the ass of the enemy who have made it absolutely clear that they want him to fail abslolutely.

    I heard that this guy was supposed to be a good basketball player but he doesn't even know how to use his elbows when he's being fouled all the time, not only by the opposing team but his own 'team' too.

    Face it, thus far he, like Bush, is a much better at campaigning than he is at governing. He is certainly not a fighter for most who voted for him that's for sure although he is pretty good for Wall Street and for letting the Republicans with their soon to be 41 seat majority in the Senate still run the country even further off course. In fairness to the Republicans, it has taken them since 1980 to foul things up this badly. It took Obama only a year acting as if he were Ghandi to the party that is his sworn enemy to denut, assuming of course that any of them had any in the first place, the Democratic Party. When sons-of-bitches pitch me high and tight, I want someone to return the ***king favor. Thus far he's not a closer either.

  2. To be honest I find your comment to be complete and utter bullshit. Seriously. I certainly hope one day the champion of your dreams and imagination gets into the white house and delivers your pony. Until then I on the other hand am still going to support the guy who got MOST of the shit done in his first year that I wanted him to. And believe it or not he still has at least 3 more years to not only clean up behind Bush but also set the country up for prosperity. So while you sit over there with your pity party whining like a bitch, I am going to keep working to get more shit I want done, done ya dig?


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