Monday, January 11, 2010

Sit Yo Five Dolla Ass Down: Michael Eric Dyson Edition

Michael Eric Dyson is quickly making a name for himself as the country's preeminent race hustler for the new decade. I mean seriously, this cat would never see the inside of a TV studio but for his crusade against President Obama dating back to not being invited to the White House. Not only does he look like the first fool in saying Obama has run from the issue of race considering his speech during the campaign after the Rev Wright fiasco as well as the media invented Skip Gates situation, but he also then doubles up on his fuckery by comparing him to a black man running from the cops. Yeah, race hustler, thats the image I want everyone to have of black men.

Get the fuck outta here wit dat bullshit. Nobody is buying your big ass words and binoculars.

And he for damn sure doesn't speak for most black Americans.


  1. Haven't been following Dyson lately but I remember he was an Obama supporter during the campaign. What happened to change that?
    Anyway that clip is disgusting.

  2. I was serious when I said this all stemmed from Dyson not being invited to the White House. If you go on youtube and plug his name in you will find a clip of him talking sideways about President Obama and he starts it off by talking about not being invited.


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