Thursday, August 6, 2009


Someone needs to ask Congressman Eric Cantor if he is an American or an Israeli. And fast!

JERUSALEM — The Obama administration's policy on Israel is misguided, puts too much emphasis on the issue of settlements and ignores the bigger threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, a U.S. delegation of Republican congressmen visiting Israel said Thursday.

Led by minority whip Eric Cantor from Virginia, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, the delegation of 25 Republicans say their weeklong mission to Israel is designed to show solidarity with the Jewish state and promote Mideast peace. A group of Democratic congressmen are expected to visit next week.

Cantor said that instead of focusing on issues such as Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank, Obama should concentrate on "the primary issue of import ... and that is the existential threat that Iran poses not only to the state of Israel but to the United States."

The congressman said he is "concerned about what the White House has been signaling of late."

No Congressman sets the foreign policy of this country, the President does that. And Cantor going overseas to another country to undermine President Obama's poicy stance is way the fuck out of bounds, even for the GOP. Its time some enterprising journalist actually asked him some tough questions.

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