Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Like Trying To Argue With A Dining Room Table"

Barney Frank shows you how to stunt on people breaking Godwin's Law

I defy anyone to try to convince me that this isn't all about racism. It is what it is.


  1. Amazingly, Fox news (and talk radio) are now going after Frank for being "disrespectful" and hateful. Conveniently, Fox has cropped out the part where the questioner was showing her Obama-Hitler poster.

  2. Would you expect anything less from that crowd?

  3. I don't understand why you say it is racist. Is it because the president wants it and he is black so all those people are making a ruckus to keep a black man down? Or are you implying that the 10% who are uninsured are black and they are making a ruckus to keep a lot of black men down. It is amazing to me that we have a black man for President in the USofA, yet the race card continues to be thrown on the table. Maybe you need to get some counseling and get to the root of why YOU have such problems with your color.

  4. Yeah you're right

    IM the one who has the problem here, not the thousands of white folks, and notice it is always just white folks, who are walking around townhalls with pictures of President Obama made up like Hitler. I mean surely these good white folks have good reason to compare our President, who hasn't even been in office for a year yet, to Hitler one of the sickest, most vile repugnant people in the history of the world who, by the way, hated black people almost as much or as much as he did Jewish people. Im sure it all makes sense in the little world that you live in what with its purple skies and orange lakes.

    Racism is not a card that black people or any other ethnic minority throw around just for fun. Its a real and last heritage of this country and you can see it every day in big and small situations. Now if you are such a genius that you have an alternate reason why all these good white folks are coming out can comparing our President to Hitler when all of his policies to date have pretty much been the exact opposite of anything Hitler ever did during his reign of immorality and terror, then have at it hoss.

    Other wise just shut the fuck up when grown folk are talking and you just might learn something.

  5. "Thousands of white folks....who are walking around townhalls with pictures of President Obama made up like Hitler". Or, as in your video post, one LaRouche democrat with crazy political views. The reason so many people- and they are not all white- are so opposed to the government being the least bit involved in the healthcare system is that the government has no business being the least bit involved in the healthcare system. Our president keeps talking about the need for competition, and while he may be dead on about that, the gvnmt should never be that competition. When banks compete- you win! When government competes- well, you get medicare, social security, the post office, amtrack. and what do all of these things have in common- they are or will soon be- BANKRUPT!!!. So in conclusion, the reason that thousands of white folks- oh and black, latino, asian, and otherwise, are fighting so hard against this is because we want the government to BACK THE FUCK OFF!! And this leads me back to my original point, which is, it has absolutely nothing to do with race; therefore, is not, as you suggested, racist.
    and really- shut the fuck up? do you blog so people can just come here to agree with everything you say? You cannot have a fully developed opinion on something until you have turned it over and over and examined it from all sides. But you are soooo right. You are very grown up.

  6. LOL

    Haven't you realized by now that I am a LOT smarter than you? I know you watch FOXNews all day and probably think you can get away with the same spin they employ but you have to understand that you are on my turf now. I don't care about people disagreeing with the President and nothing I have said has anything to do with it. I am talking about all those good white folks who are carrying around signs with President Obama made up to look like Hitler with swastikas on his posters etc. But you won't even attempt to talk about those folks because you are a coward. You want to come here and change the conversation and point to the shiny ball in the corner but I am not going to let you do it.

    So tell us all anonymous guy (or gal for that matter)you think its acceptable discourse for people to invoke Hitler and Nazi Germany over a serious issue like health care reform? Do you think President Obama is also Hitler a man who despised black folks? Don't run from the issue, lets talk about it. Is this the way you think people should be expressing themselves in public? And don't give me any weaksauce ass explanation hiding behind the 1st amendment. We all know they CAN express themselves however they damn well please, but the question is SHOULD they.

    I am pretty sure I won't hear anything else from you because cowards always run when the spot gets hot, but just take this as your going away present. If you don't like what I say then put up your own blog and come up with your own content and then you don't have to worry about what goes on over here. But if you want to engage again at least come with an argument that is at a higher level than a 5th grader. I don't have time to keep schooling tweenagers over here.

  7. Once again, you accuse me of exactly what you yourself are doing. This time it is the matter of "avoiding the issue". Please refer to your original comment regarding the video you posted. This is what I was speaking to. If you would like to know what I (or anyone else for that matter) thinks about "white folks" - which is a purely racist term, by the way- comparing our president (or any previous president) to Hitler, then maybe that is how you should have started this conversation. Although you didn't, now that you have posed the question, I will respond. Ridiculous. They are all being ridiculous. Which is why I pay them no attention and give them no credit. They have no valid argument. But while you would like to have those few people be representative of thousands, I find them to be the exception- not the rule. Much like I don't consider all politicians, priests, lawyers and the like to be bad because of a few. There are a few bad apples in every segment of our society. It would be wise not to judge that segment based on the actions of a few. As Im sure you would agree.

  8. I give you credit for at least coming back and admitting that you were full of shit considering this post was entirely about people invoking Hitler and Nazi Germany to oppose health care.

    Not much credit though.

  9. "I defy anyone to try to convince me that this isn't all about racism. It is what it is." Is this not your opening statement? Yet when I do try to convince you, with a very compelling argument I might add, you respond with insults and accusations. You never provided an argument that in any way proves that this indeed is all about racism. And I need no credit. I was only looking for an intellectual debate. I guess I barked up the wrong tree for that. I will go elsewhere. You know when you are actually right about something, you don't get upset when you are challenged to defend it. You should give your beliefs some scrutiny.

  10. Blah Blah Blah

    Now I know how Barney Frank felt.


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