Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Quit Already

Michael Steele has caved to his RNC detractors and agreed to give away his authority to handle the purse strings. Obviously I am not an admirer of Michael Steele but damn man, why not just resign instead of letting people punk you every other week? Does he not understand the meaning of the words "man up"? Check this out.

Under nearly constant fire from conservatives since his Jan. 30 election, Mr. Steele last Wednesday accused the resolution's proponents of a power grab "scheme." It looked like an impasse, with a showdown - and a possible no-confidence vote in Mr. Steele - coming at a special meeting called for May 20.

But closed-door negotiations between Mr. Steele and his representatives and Mr. Pullen and the dissident group reached an accord.
It represents the first time in memory that rebel members of the Republican Party's national governing body have successfully taken on the party's historically powerful national chairman and his loyalists.

For all that tough "hip hop" talk he engaged in after winning the chairmanship dude has sure gotten his ass handed to him on a regular basis.

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