Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Couldn't Have Been Me Part 2

A few months ago a video emerged of an asshole cop pulling over an NFL player and his family in front of a hospital and preventing him from seeing his mother in law one last time before she passed. I honestly can't decide if that situation or what I am about to share with you is worse.

So you are a state trooper and you decide to pull over an ambulance for not yielding to you. Ok maybe I can understand that right up until the point where its apparent that said ambulance is transporting someone who needs medical attention. Not only do you not do the right thing and let them go on their way though, you find the time to choke the black paramedic after not laying a finger on the white paramedic. Got damn I hope they shit can these assholes.

Thank God for camera phones.


  1. I want to say "That can't be real" but I know better...

  2. Fucking Christ. I don't actually have anything to add but WOW.

  3. This is painful to watch.

    I bought a camera phone after the Oscar Grant murder by a cop in Oakland, CA.

    I don't know what to say about this except, "God, help us." Does this shit ever end?


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