Monday, October 4, 2010

They Don't Speak For The Majority Of Us

Here's Gallup on President Obama's polling for September:

With his public approval solidly below 50% in September, it follows that less than a majority in most key demographic subgroups approve of the job the president is doing. His staunchest supporters remain blacks (91%), self-identified Democrats (79%), and self-identified liberals (75%)

Just keep those numbers in mind the next time Jane, Cenk or Glenn are on TV bashing Obama or there's another shiny new column in the mainstream media about how the "left" is dissappointed in Obama.

The truth is overwhelmingly Democrats AND self described liberals still have President Obama's back. Just because a few loud mouths who fashion themselves the voice of "the left" keeps saying we have beef, doesn't make it so. Of course it would be nice if the media would use this polling to make that very point.

Of course that would mean they were actually doing their job though.

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