Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ads Like This One

I swear I hadn't even see this ad from Scott Murphy before my last post but it should be somewhat of a blue print for ALL Democrats this cycle who aren't in very red districts.

The only improvement in my opinion would be linking his opponent to the full GOP caucus. Some folks will see this ad and think "Well Chris Gibson can't do that much damage". But if the point is made that the ENTIRE GOP caucus is calling for this and if they take over because Gibson is voted in then it can happen its much more of a motivation for people to not only not vote for him but also to get to the polls and help Scott Murphy and the Democrats keep repeal from happening.

Still the ad is strong and I bet in the end it will be effective for one major reason. Now Gibson can't just demonize the health care bill. NOW Gibson has to explain why he wants to take all those things from the voters in his district.

Yeah, good luck with that!

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