Friday, October 29, 2010


As crazy as it sounds I'm loving this story about the White House and Bill Clinton trying to get Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race at the behest of Charlie Crist.

Why you ask?

Because it was obvioiusly leaked by and afterwards pushed by Charlie Crist himself.

See when you start playing with footsie with a RAT like Crist this is the kind of shit that happens. I love that folks now see just how royally the White House and national Democrats have fucked up the race down here and that they all now have a lot of egg on their face. I love that up until Tuesday and maybe even after they will have to answer uncomfortable questions about it.

Kendrick Meek deserved a hell of a lot better and people like me will not forget.


  1. I agree with ya about Clinton and Crist, but I do just wanna say that the big difference b/t this and Sestak mess, is that from ALL reports it is Crist who intiated the talks with Clinton to get Meeks to drop out.

    But you are right, the WH, did not really intervene enough. Although, i think Bill Clinton would still have tried to do what Crist asked of him, since he loves to be perceived a "captain save-a-ho" in terms of Democratic party


  2. We won't forget,either.

    Meek deserved better from the Democratic Leadership, and as Tim Wise would say, "Their whiteness showed" regarding this Senate race.

    Florida gets a crook or a teabagger as Senator - isn't the state screwed up enough already?

  3. The White House had nothing to do with it. The was between Crist, Clinton and Meek. Other than that, I see your point.


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