Monday, October 11, 2010

Progressive Hypocrisy On Kendrick Meek

This may be the most insulting post in the progressive community about the Senate race with Kendrick Meek that I have read and that's saying something. Effectively it says the only use Democrats have for Meek is to get the niggers out to vote for Alex Sink.

Think I'm lying? Go read the shit yourself.

As a member of the dailykos community I'm fucking livid that the founder actually thought it was a good idea to write and publish that post. What, exactly, in THEE FUCK does he think it will accomplish??? Does he think its just for informational purposes??? Does he think it will somehow help Kendrick Meek or Alex Sink to portray Meek as a fucking puppet just used to draw "colored folk" to the polls for Sink?

Man I swear the fucking HYPOCRISY of the progressive community in this race already had me ready to blow a gasket and then I have to read THAT shit?!

Here's whats so fucking ironic. How much money did "progressives" throw at Bill Halter to primary Blanche Lincoln??? Do you think Bill Halter is actually a progressive? Do you think he actually had a shot to win the general?

You're fucking kidding yourself on BOTH counts.

Basically Markos and his buddies recruited a slightly less offensive Blue Dog to try to beat Lincoln and still ended up getting their asses handed to them. And flushing millions of dollars down the fucking drain while they were at it.

But what have they done for a real life, dyed in a wool progressive who has been consistent in support for everything any progressive would ever hope for like Meek? Oh they gave him their ass to kiss. Look around for some act blue accounts for Meek from the big time progressive bloggers. No seriously, fucking google that shit if you have to.

Where are they? Where's the got damn money for a REAL progressive? Right now Meek is getting outspent tremendously, of that there is no doubt. And in the primary he had to deal with a muthafucka who spent more than $20 million dollars. But you know what? Even though he may in fact not win, he is still a viable candidate even after all that.

Now imagine what he could have done with all that fucking money that got shipped off to Arkansas for some bullshit.

And to top it off these arrogant asshole "progressives" evidently want Meek to drop out so that they can get Crist in the Senate who would be a worse fucking Lieberman than Lieberman himself.

But who does Markos et al rail against all the time? Blue Dogs. Shit Crist isn't even a Blue Dog, he's a fucking Republican through and through.

So after this bullshit ass post from Markos himself you decide for yourself what the motivation is behind the progressive community never having supported Meek from day one even though he has championed everything we supposedly stand for. Decide for yourself why Crist has SO much backing from some Democrats and so called progressives here and nationally. And ask yourself where Meek would be if all those folks had backed him like they backed Halter in the primary.

Fuck this shit, I'm out.


  1. Okay,

    I just gotta tell you, that you and I are so on the same page with thie. I bascially just posted the same hypocrisy charge (but in my own words) on another blog.

    Also, I just wanted to tell you, that I don't live in Fla, but I've been following the Meeks campaign through your post since the beginning, and I've become so passionate about the hypocritical treatment that Meeks is getting from those who should be his allies, that people have been mistakingly thought I actually live in FLA.

    You keep fighting the good fight.


  2. I really think you should post this as a response to Markos, becasue you are on point!

  3. You broke it down like a fraction! I agree with Anon. You should post this on DKos to counter Markos.

  4. You've been on point with everything in this Senate race from the beginning. Keep up the good work. I know what it was like to try to get the national progressive bloggers interested in the race and it was impossible....

  5. You have it dead to rights. It's been unconscionable what the progressives have done in FL.

  6. may I reprint this, in it entirety, over at JJP?

    please drop me an email at with your answer.

  7. Thanks everyone for the supportive comments. I just can't believe how this race has played out. Its really discouraging for progressives who actually live here in Florida and know what Charlie Crist is really like.


    The answer is yes.


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