Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I didn't post on Rick Sanchez because it was pretty apparent to me that he crossed the line and that he would be fired. Not because he called Jon Stewart a bigot as many headlines suggested, but because he strongly implied that Jews run the media.

There's some shit you just can't say.

But one thing that irked me was people trying to find a way to salvage Sanchez's message. As if the point he was making about Jon Stewart and some "elitist liberals" being bigots was some how profound.

The problem is he never even made a case for Stewart being a bigot. The sum of the evidence he produced to support his claim was that Stewart made fun of him.


Yeah, the nerve of Stewart being a comedian...and stuff.

So it was funny and yet accurate to hear Stephen Colbert's definition of bigot last night on his show.

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