Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pretty Weak

The DNC has taken some initiative and made a web ad about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's comment that the single most important thing for Republicans to accomplish if thy take the Senate is to insure that President Obama is a one term president. Here it is.

I like that they are contiuing to highlight the comment but the approach seems to be exactly wrong.

Why in hell are all of the people in the ad smiling? The point should have been that people are fucking hurting and suffering right now and the Republicans only give a shit about making sure President Obama isn't reelected.

Imagine for a moment the ad showed people standing in the unemployment line to make the jobs point, someone at their desk with a pile of bills in front of them to make the tax relief point, gas prices going up to make the energy point, A parent with a kid who looks sick with a thermometer and the whole nine to make the health care point and played somber music through out. And then at the end played villainous music when they get to the picture of Mitch McConnell and the statement he made. Hell even better if you could find a picture of McConnell laughing or smiling or just enjoying himself.

Imagine how much harder that would hit people in the gut when they watched it.

To be honest watching this video didn't move me at all. But hey, maybe I'm not the demographic they are going after.

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