Saturday, April 25, 2009

Willful Ignorance

I watched this segment on Hardball yesterday and one thing became clear, the Villagers don't want to hear the truth. Time and time again Chris Matthews and Pat Buchannan tried to used the "means justify the ends" defense to excuse the torture of detainees. Time and time again Johnathan Turley kept reminding them THAT ITS FUCKING ILLEGAL TO TORTURE PEOPLE. Near the end showing that Tweety just doesn't think breaking the law is that big of a deal, he asks Turley why he is being such an absolutist about this. Whiskey Tango Fire? What part of ITS FUCKING ILLEGAL TO TORTURE PEOPLE can Tweety not understand? I thought Professor Turley did a hell of a job of sparring with those idiots but it was a lost cause. Of course Chris Matthews and Pat Buchannan had no such hangups when it came to trying to impeach President Clinton for getting some head. That to them was a lot more clear cut illegal behavior than waterboarding people is. Such is the mindset of the Village. IOKIYAR is now an institutional part of their mindset.

I should also point out that after handing out a Hardball award to John McCain Tweety made the remark that McCain should have won the Presidency in 2000. I used to try to take up for Matthews but now I think he has just lost his damn mind.

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