Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter PWNED Pat Toomey And The Club For Growth

I just want to take time out to thank Pat Toomey for doing so much to help run the Republican Party right off the rails!


  1. Wingnuttia is ablaze. Specter's right about the Club for Growth and the right turn the party made years ago. Bringing Lincoln Chafee into it was a good idea.

    OT, but did you hear the Steele interview about Nutters voting against the pandemic preparedness money in the stimulus package? His defense is "They didn't tell us it was for sick people." I hate to watch a brotha fail like this.

  2. It hurts a little, but when you have Obama in the WhiteHouse the good thing is nobody can say we are all as stupid as that clown Steele.


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