Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Hitters

There is a report out that Rahm Emanuel is getting tough with the leaders of Israel with respect to a peace deal. If true this is a very encouraging sign that it will actually get done this time. Money quote.

"Any treatment of the Iranian nuclear problem will be contingent upon progress in the negotiations and an Israeli withdrawal from West Bank territory,"

Breaking news is that President Obama's DOJ has decided to release the OLC torture memos. Thats GREAT news.

Undermining the conservative hysteria over the new DHS report that cautions law enforcement about right wing extremists and their efforts to recruit war veterans is the fact that it was based on a 2008 FBI report entitled

"White Supremacist Recruitment of Military Personnel since 9/11,"

Bennie Thompson, a Democrat trying to join in on the conservative hyseria over the DHS report should be mindful of his past statements about right wing extremism.

“DHS must reassess the threat posed by right-wing domestic terrorists and revise its long term planning to address this risk,” the report warns. It adds that “the risk posed by right-wing extremists” should prompt DHS to “give higher priority to this threat.”

Congressman Peter King went on Morning Joe to decry the DHS report and say that in contrast he says they never put out any advisories on Muslims because their would be a public outcry (don't know what planet he's living on) so my question is will he denounce his colleague fellow Representative Michele Bachmann's false and libelous comments aimed at Congressman Keith Ellison that were made purely based on the fact that he is a Muslim.

Surprise Surprise, the New York Times is reporting that not only has the NSA been overstepping it's bounds with respect to wiretapping U.S. Citizens,they also targeted an unnamed U.S. Congressman

Spencer Ackerman and Greg Sargent are trying to figure out which Congressman it was.

Glenzilla PWNS Congressional Dems who backed FISA last year including then Senator now President Obama. I found it insightful that many of the leading Democrats said flat out that they were voting for it on a political basis so that the Republicans wouldn't have a talking point to use against them in the elections last year. It goes to show how powerful the Democrats find the Republicans' messaging and how that fact can imperil honest debate over policy that might be harmful to the country.

On the other hand the Republicans don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to any faux outrage associated with the the revelations about FISA at all.

Texas Governer Rick Perry says secession is on the table. I say have at it hoss.

Sheppard Smith is the only person even remotely worth watching on FoxNews.

Bill O'Reilly lacky "producer" Jesse Watters is a punk ass bitch who can dish it out but can't take it.

And finally Cenk Uygur talks about Hulk Hogan quoting Chris Rock when it comes to OJ Simpson. "Im not saying he shoulda did it, but I understand!"

I hope that brings everyone up to speed. Ill be back later.

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