Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tweety PWNS Scarborough

After watching Joe Scarborough yell at Mika today it was great to see Tweety PWN him on his own show. Funny how Scarborough never yells at a man though. Tweety asked the question that I really wanted asked. The wingnuts, Scarborough included, seems to believe that the only way we can keep from being attacked by al Queda is to torture people, but they never acknowledge that the intelligence community TOLD President Bush BEFORE 9-11 that al Queda was trying to attack America. Richard Clarke damn near crusaded to try to get the Bush administration to take the threat seriously and to attack THEM preemptively. Yeah the intelligence community could have communicated better between themselves but the information was there, it just wasn't acted upon. And we didn't get that information from torture.

Gotta sting to get your ass handed to you on your own show. And Tweety made Andy Card look like a buffoon.


  1. I saw that exchange this morning on Scarborough and thought that Matthews would not be able to get his point out because Scarborough was trying to talk over him by accusing him of changing the subject. But Matthews wasn't changing the subject. The discussion of torture and intelligence is of the same continuum. Supposedly we torture in order to get intelligence from the bad guys. Matthews reiteration of the point that we were handed the ultimate intelligence warning concerning 9/11 pre 9/11 and did nothing was a public service to the country.
    Andy Card sat there and tried to diminish the Bush administration negligence by saying the August 6 PDB was given with no context. The context was that the President thought the biggest issue was stem cell research and John Ashcroft was busy annoiting himself with holy oil and covering up statutes of Lady Liberty while Richard Clarke's hair was on fire trying to get someone to listen.
    Scarborough is a dangerous public nuisance at this point as he busily tries to rewrite history every day.

  2. Hold the phone, SG: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090421/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_interrogation_memos_2

    I'm not sure this means what a lot of folks want it to, but I'm starting to feel better than I felt last week. People should be held accountable for torture.

  3. On second thought, maybe the Obama folks are doing this to piss Cheney off.

  4. I actually just saw it live when he answered the question and although its not a promise of prosecutions the fact that he opened the door to it and said he will leave it up to Holder is definitely music to my ears. I have a feeling that he heard the outrage and realized that he couldn't take the position he was taking. This was one thing that his base wouldn't have forgiven him for in my opinion. If we are a nation of laws then we have to prove it.

  5. Or maybe Cheney should have shut the fuck up when he had the chance!


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