Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bachmann At It Again

This sitting Congresswoman is more fringe than a wingnut radio shock jock.

Just FYI:

The only problem is that the last U.S. outbreak of swine flu did not begin under Carter. Rather, it began in February of 1976, when Republican Gerald Ford was president.


  1. Full court press by the psycopaths!

    At least the flu and Spector detract attention from Torture Gate.

    They have assigned Bachmann the duty to deliver the most absolutely batshit lies ever. She's the Republican congressional version of Malkin and Coulter.

    What is it with Minnesota?

  2. This is a vintage Limbaugh trick ... and it belonged to Nixon (and McCarthy) before that.

    When a politician from the GOP prefaces their statements by saying, "it is interesting that ..." or "questions have been raised that ...", this should be a red flag that they are about throw some really vile B.S. at the opposition, and see if it sticks.

    Perfect contemporary example: "Questions have been raised about the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. I say that the jury is still out, and that the public deserves to have these issues settled."

    It is also plain that politicians like Bachmann KNOW these claims are complete B.S., since they are weaseling out of taking any responsibility if they get caught out (by attributing the claims to someone else).

    And the sad thing is that this tactic works. At least does with the GOP's "base", which absorbs this into its preconceptions.

    In this case, Bachmann may be trying to tap into some religious conservative's belief that God will withdraw his grace from America for its transgressions (and that this is goona happen any time a Democrate is elected President).


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