Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank You Spencer Ackerman

I am sure I am not the only one who has been a little bit worried (ok maybe more than a little) about President Obama's relationship with the military leaders especially with respect to Iraq. Earlier this year I posted about a story that alledged that Generals Ray Odierno and David Petraeus were both seeking to undermine President Obama's intention to withdraw from Iraq. It turns out that the story didn't seem to be accurate much if at all. Still because of some of the rhetoric on the campaign trail my suspicions lingered. Well today I happened across a piece in the Times of London with the provocative headline "General Ray Odierno: we may miss Iraq deadline to halt al-Qaeda terror" and my antennae went crazy. Rather than reflexively posting on the article which again made it seem as if General Odierno was undermining President Obama in the press I decided to send Spencer Ackerman, one of the best foreign policy bloggers around, a tweet and ask him what he thought about it. Well he looked into it and did a great job of debunking much of the Times article. Not only that he gave me a shout out in said post. So I just wanted to publicly thank him both for fisking the article and throwing my link up on the post. It is GREATLY appreciated!

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