Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pound The Rock!!!

On the one hand I believe that its gotten to be silly season since it was divulged that Richard Blumenthal embellished his record of military service with respect to whether he served in Vietnam or not. The efforts but Republican asshats like Senator Orrin Hatch to now try to criminalize such lies is just the latest example of game playing by the minority party meant to make all Democrats look bad. The fact that since he introduced the idea of putting forth such legislation we have now discovered several Republican office holders and candidates who ALSO lied about their military records to me is just much ado about nothing for the most part. It should be as simple as telling politicians to knock it off and if they don't to vote their lying ass out of office if you ask me rather than trying to make it, literally, a federal offense. So I haven't really gotten exorcised either way about the situation.

Until now.

Democrats have been given one of the biggest gifts in recent memory. Darrell Issa, he of the relentless quest to find something to investigate the Obama administration over, had his own problems about embellishing his military record it seems. This is the perfect opportunity for Democrats to come off their high horse and start playing the sport of politics the way its supposed to be played. Issa seems bound and determined to make headlines over bullshit so its high time we started making those bright lights a LOT hotter for him.

Every time Issa appears on TV opposite a Democrat to push his latest attempt to order a Congressional investigation, the questions about his military service should come up. Maybe it doesn't have to be a direct shot with both barrels at first but just casually mention that they support investigations into people who lie about their military record whether in office or not because its like committing fraud. And once you start using that term keep using it. Issa and fraud should become synonymous with all media outlets. Start leaking information to the papers, magazines, blogs about "rumors" of instances when he continues to embellish his record. Research just how many times he misrepresented his service over the years and put it out through back channels. Just keep pushing and pushing and pushing until he finds a rock to crawl back under.

This will kill two birds with one stone. For one it gets him to shut the hell up. For two it gets all his GOP buddies to see what can happen to them if they try to pull the same kinda shit. Really, there is no down side to this approach and I for one am sick and tired of seeing this asshole popping up everywhere making up shit out of whole cloth for political gain.

Bury his ass

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