Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Translation: Say It To My Face BITCH

So Generaly Stanley McChrystal, commander of our forces in Afghanistan, takes to the pages of Rolling Stone to talk shit about Joe Biden, Ambassador Eikenberry, and others all the way up to President Obama and then decides that he will just call around to offer his apologies.

Sorry bruh, not good enough.

I only hope that before President Obama shit cans this turd that he forces him to sit there and be humiliated for his actions. You simply can not have military leaders undermining the office of the President. Patton had to learn the hard way and now McChrystal should get the same lesson.

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  1. To the General, it's nothing more than Special Ops comraderie among the troopers.

    It's amazing how this guy got this duty in the first place after the Pat Tillman snafu on his watch.


    Obama should fire his ass which would just mean orders for state-side reassignment to the Pentagon.


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