Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Very Definition Of Collective Punishment

So Chuck Schumer comes out with a full throated endorsement of the Israel blockade on Gaza which by his own words breaks international law and is morally abhorrent.


The saddest part isn't what he said, its that he will suffer absolutely no political blowback for it. It won't hurt him as a Senator and if Harry Reid loses in the fall it won't hurt his quest to be the next Majority Leader.

And that ladies and gentlemen shows why no matter which party is in power our Middle East policy is a fucking joke.

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  1. I went into orbit when I read Schumer's comments about Gaza yesterday. This was on the Huffpo front page for awhile and now it's gone. I suspect that Amy Goodman will be all over it on Monday, but the people who listen to Amy already know the reasons for the blockade.
    It is quite a revelation when an elected official publicly stands up and defends something that is completely immoral and illegal. Most pro-Israel senators and representatives just repeat the mantra, "Israel has the right to defend itself" and then they call everybody in Gaza a terrorist. That doesn't even make the news anymore.
    However, by being honest about his support for the continuation of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Schumer has at least deviated from the usual mantras. Even though Schumer won't suffer any of the deserved political consequences for his statements, he has managed to inject some truth into the discussion, at least temporarily. I wonder how many people in the US even know that the median age in Gaza is 18, which means that half the people who are starving and have absolutely nothing (including any kind of future) are children. Americans should know how Israel is using our tax dollars.
    What is so totally amazing is that Schumer did, in fact, state what he thought were valid reasons for economic deprivation. It is almost incomprehensible to those of us who do not believe in unconditional support for Israel.
    Hillary Clinton would be wise to retire the Secretary of State position in 2012. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is hopeless as long as Chuck Schumer and people who think like he does are running this country. Our foreign policy in the Mideast is most definitely a "fucking joke."


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