Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Just Have One Question

I am watching the Jeff Greene/Kendrick Meek debate online and from where I'm sitting Meek wiped the floor with him. Some of it is because Greene is just patently clueless but other parts Meek really did best him as when he called on Greene to run against him and not against his mother. But there was one topic they were equally bad on.

The flotilla incident.

They both offered full throated support of Israel's action even before they investigation they both say they support has even been formally initiated. In that spirit I would just like to ask both of them but especially the presumptive Democratic nominee Meek one follow up question.

No matter how unlikely it is, if the investigation comes back and the verdict is that Israel was wrong in their actions, what will you say then?

Obviously recent history with the Goldstone support suggests that in the end no matter what any investigation says both candidates will still say Israel was right, but in my opinion that is the worst enabling behavior and posture we could possibly have as a country right now. When we allow Israel free reign to do whatever they please whether we agree with it or not and back them unconditionally we in fact hand over our national security to them. It has been that way and it will continue to be that way until someone has the balls to get up and say "While I support Israel's right to defend herself in this situation she was wrong and should acknowledge as much" it will remain that way.

Very very very disappointed.

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