Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Is About To Make Us The Laughingstock Of The International Community

JERUSALEM — Israeli naval commandos raided a flotilla carrying thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza in international waters on Monday morning, killing at least 10 people, according to the Israeli military and activists traveling with the flotilla. Some Israeli news reports put the death toll higher.

The confrontation drew widespread international condemnation of Israel, with Israeli envoys summoned to explain their country’s actions in several European countries.

The criticism offered a propaganda coup to Israel’s foes, particularly Hamas, the militant group that holds sway in Gaza, and damaged Israel’s ties to Turkey, one of its most important Muslim partners and the unofficial sponsor of the Gaza-bound convoy. Turkey recalled its ambassador to Israel, and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan cut short a visit to Latin America to return home.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his plans for meeting with President Obama in Washington on Tuesday, an Israeli government official confirmed. Mr. Netanyahu, who is visiting Canada, planned to return home Monday to deal with fallout from the raid, the official said.

NY Times

Once again Israel has chosen to use their military in a way that could only be described as disproportionate, only this time they weren't firing on "suspected Hamas militants" which gave them the slightest bit of cover last year. No, this time they were firing on unarmed activist on a humanitarian mission quasi sponsored by one of our mor important allied countries int the Muslim world Turkey. So lets check the resposes that others have given so far.

Within hours, diplomatic repercussions began to spread from the Mediterranean to Europe where Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs, called for a full inquiry into the incident and the immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade of Gaza.


A joint statement from Robert Serry and Filippo Grandi, two senior United Nations officials involved in the Middle East peace process and humanitarian aid to Gaza, condemned the raid, which they said was “apparently in international waters.”

“We wish to make clear that such tragedies are entirely avoidable if Israel heeds the repeated calls of the international community to end its counterproductive and unacceptable blockade of Gaza,” the officials said.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France called Israel’s use of force “disproportionate,”


Turkey strongly condemned the Israeli military action.

“Regardless of any reasoning, such actions against civilians engaged in only peaceful activities are unacceptable,” said a statement on the Foreign Ministry’s Web site on Monday. “Israel will be required to face the consequences of this act that involves violation of the international law.”


Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, said Israel should provide a full explanation of what happened. News reports said the authorities in Egypt and Jordan, two Arab neighbors which have peace treaties with Israel, had summoned Israeli envoys to protest the action.

That kind of all sounds pretty much the same right? So what has our response been so far?

Bill Burton, a deputy press secretary for the White House, said, “The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.”

Working to understand the circumstances? WHAT THE FUCK?

That's pretty much sounds like the same load of bullshit we were fed after Israel assaulted the Gaza strip a little over a year ago now. And you know what? You have a better chance of hitting the every state than the chance there is that you will hear anything from the U.S. in any stronger terms than that. Moreso, and definitely more damaging, is that we will probably block any and all investigations into the matter just like we did with the Goldstone report.

How many times will we use a charge of anti Semitism to help excuse this kind of behavior from Israel? How many of our other allies will we have to alienate in the name of covering their asses? And for what? Why exactly are we going to cede all moral high ground yet again to defend the indefensible?

There isn't a politician in Washington who will be willing to denounce Israel over this and that goes all the way up to President Obama. As much as we bemoan bank bailouts and oil spills, that may be a reality that is more perilous to our nation than anything else going on right now. When a country knows that no matter what they do you will never, EVER call them out, what exactly do you expect them to do? How exactly do you expect them to act when any move to hold them accountable for their behavior will be seen as political suicide?

I wish it were not so, but you just wait and see. When its all said and done there will be us and Israel on the one side, and pretty much the rest of the world on the other. It is what it is.

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