Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slow Your Damn Roll

I understand why many liberals and progressives think we should just walk away from the war in Afghanistan but generally I totally disagree. Its not that I'm over here quaking in my boots but more so that there is a real and serious threat coming from the region and as important we went over there and fucked up that country, the least we can do is try to rebuild it before we leave. But hey I'm sure this is one of those issues where neither of us will be persuaded and so be it.

But the lengths some of these folks will go to in order to try to hit the Obama administration for not getting out is getting to the point of being laughable. The latest is that after Eric Holder said they have proof that the failed Times Square bomber on the Sunday shows many on the other side of the fence sounded alarms of skepticism. And they are trying SO hard to prove he was lying that they aligned themselves with Kit Bond of all people. You see Kit Bond came out after an intelligence briefing and initially said in pretty generic terms that Holder had overstated the connections between the failed bomber and the Pakistani Taliban. You should have seen these folks breaking their neck to offer this up as "proof" that we had been lied to.

Coming from Kit Bond? Seriously?

Well thankfully Bond came out today and used the type of language with regards to this situation that left no doubt why he was trying to undermine Holder's assertions.

I wonder how many of these folks are gonna run a correction or in the alternative say that they agree with Bond that Holder has "executed a hostile takeover of the intelligence agencies".

See when you are quick to jump on some bullshit, no matter who is shoveling it, just to try to make your case, often times it blows up right in your face. People should learn from this, but I doubt they will.

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