Friday, July 3, 2009

Breaking: Sarah Palin Will Not Seek Reelection And Will Resign Soon

So uhmmmmmmmmmmm does this mean Sarah Palin has been "hiking the Appalachian trail"?!

I would love to see your best guesses as to why she is doing this now in the comments section.

Update: We have video!


  1. Tis my understanding that the IRS, and FBI are investigating several things.
    and most of all, 'themudflats', which strangely I cannot access today. Also, yesterday or day before she had 2 important appointies quit. Tis the middle of the night for me but the above sites will steer you thru the muck if you can access them.

  2. In order of likelihood

    1. She embezzled state funds (or Wassila city funds).
    2. She had affair with Sanford.
    3. To kick off her campaign for national office.

  3. As weird as this may sound, I think Fox News has a sweeter deal waiting for her. She can have the soapbox with better pay and no responsibility to keep up with the goings on of Alaska. Just a guess.


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