Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pat Buchanan Is STILL A Racist Asshole

I know I am stating the obvious but still. To call a woman of Sonia Sotomayor's accomplishment an affirmative action nominee is disgusting even by Buchanan's low standard. When will MSNBC put that old bastard out to pasture and spare the rest of us his perpetually bigoted wankery?


  1. atrios made A Rather Obvious Point yesterday: But, sadly, one which frequently needs to be made. The greatest practitioners of whatever it is we call "identity politics" in this country have always been white males. The lack of self-awareness of this fact is what is termed unexamined privilege.

  2. I caught about five minutes of Lou Dobbs last night. He is convinced Sotomayor will jumpstart the Reconquista.

  3. Agi

    I can watch a lot of people on Tee Vee but I just can't do Lou Dobbs. That man is a blatant racist and doesn't even try to hide it but nobody ever calls him on it because he is on "librul" CNN.


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