Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Very Dissappointing

I was a huge fan of "24" from the very first season but I just can't continue to watch the show. This season was just ridiculous. And I mean ridiculous even for 24 standards. Last night's season finale had some makings for at least a respectable ending but they managed to even screw that up. Am I now supposed to believe that an FBI agent who has never had any experience with torturing people until a few hours earlier when she attacked a man in a hospital bed is now going to torture all the information out of the big boss? Am I supposed to believe that Jack Bauer has now turned over a new leaf when faced with his own death? Give me a frikkin break. Its bad enough that Tony Almeda shot himself, got his ass kicked by Jack and got shot two more times but still survived but they had to top it off with even more unbelievable bullshit. The thing about the first 4 seasons was that even though the proposition of all of this action happening in the course of 24 hours was not realistic, the human reactions to what was going on was at least plausible. People who were supposed to die, died. People who were dumb got caught. Nothing about this whole season made any sense. The whole first half of the season was about terrorists from Africa trying to fend off an American invasion to restore order in their country but in the second half of the season you don't hear a peep about how things are going after the invasion. None of the storylines made any sense and unlike the early seasons these last two have been utterly predictable. Its time for 24 to go away, permanently.

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