Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A No Win Situation.

With the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, President Obama has set up what may be an epic battle between the establishment GOP and their voting base. The problem is of course this, opposing Sotomayor on specious grounds will further alienate Hispanics from the Republican Party. On the other hand if Republicans in Congress do not vigorously oppose Sotomayor then their wingnut base, led by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and countless other media hacks, will throw a major hissy fit. Now in my mind the calculus should be simple. Republicans in Congress SHOULD nip at Sotomayor's ankles a little bit and then confirm her with a lot of support from their side. At a time when the GOP is bleeding from just about every demographic, they can ill afford to lose Hispanics for a generation. But unfortunately the establishment GOP has shown little appetite for taking on the base of their party, even when they know not doing so will hurt them electorally. Not only that we have seen already this year how cowardly Congressional Republicans are when it comes to taking on Rushbo and his pals. I think its highly likely that Limbaugh and the rest will say some pretty disgusting and demeaning things about Sotomayor and if there aren't establishment GOP voices willing to pushback on the vitriol it might not be enough that they vote for Sotomayor. The Republican Party is now seen as a party for southern white males. This may end up pushing that perception to southern white RACIST males. Now hopefully they will grow a backbone in the next week or so and realize that the base will get over it if Sotomayor is confirmed but Hispanics will not if she doesn't. But I have no faith in their ability to lead their base instead of allowing the tail to wag the dog. I guess we will all have to see how this plays out.


  1. Predictions is that every Republican ne'er do weller and evildoers response from the usual suspects to Sotomayer nomination will go a little something like this representative sample:

    Palin accuses her of palling around with liberals. Beck after going on a good crying jag tries to choke self on own show. Romney will say she's not Morman and rich enough. Rudy will accuse her of nine elevening her way to the top. Rush wonders if she's been to the Dominican. Jefferson Beauregard Session III enrolls in Rosetta Stone Spanish course in effort to try to outlegal her in Spanish. Newt pontificates telling base that he, unlike Reagan, is big, bad, alive and coming back from exile. Spector forgets he's a Democrat and votes against her. Lieberman checks with Mossad on directions for how to vote. Michele Bachman goes her daily version of nuts. Hannity leads Swiftboating parade. Fox News says fence not built high enough. When reminded that she is not from Mexico, Fox searches for archival footage of Mariel Boatlift to Miami as background for whenever they are Swiftboating her. Fox Nation laments loss of Compassionate Conservative Christian Nation to liberal activist non-WASP non-male justices as opposed to the wingnut hardright activist WASP male justices appointed by Republicans, God's Own Party. Regent Law School wonders where are all the hardshell Protestant justices, files affirmative action lawsuit re same and organizes crusade against all things not Protestant. Joe Scarborough demands that she produce original birth certificate. Mika sighs. Zibigniew looks Scarborough in eye and tells Joe is even more stunningly superficical than he was a few months ago. On learning that she was born in the Bronx, Rush spearheads movement to have her deported back to the Bronx, makes reservations to go back to Dominican on vacation from being leader of Republican Party and knows that Roy Black was worth every penny. Malkin says nominee is a front for ACORN voter fraud. Coulter asks why doesn't nominee love Amerika. Pat Buchanan will say that although she is pretty light complected, she is not white enough for his extended family in Mississippi. Michael Steele will say she doesn't look black enough without realizing that he doesn't look black enough either. Alberto Gonzales will remind her he was supposed to be the first Hispanic Fredo justice and will plead with her to find him a job pre-indictment. Cheney will orchestrate a list of enhanced interrogation techniques questions for the wingnuts on the Senate Judiciary Committee. From exile in Dallas Bush won't say shit, because that's been working pretty well for him so far compared to how Cheney's indictment is going to go.

  2. lol, this is good, damn good!


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